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She´s Lost Control

She´s Lost Control

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It is 2014 stop this

When I was 13 I wanted a gay best friend.

Now I’m 17 and I am the gay best friend

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Pocket Printer by Zuta Labs

Not only a portable design, but able to print on any size page.

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english is not their first language:Hello! I'm sorry if my English isn't very good.
english is their first language:hte fuckign


the sound of high heels on the pavement as you walk is the ultimate power trip, like you could be buying milk or on your way to assassinate someone

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dad: wow if you dont stop watching so much star trek, you’ll become one of those trekkies




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when I was like 9 my neighbors asked me to watch their fish and cat while they went on vacation and I was like “lol k” and while they were gone tHE FUCKING FISH DIED so when they got home I apologized to the mom and she was just like “no need to apologize, I turned the filter off so they would die because they are too much work. You did nothing wrong” and she gave me 20 bucks and that is the story of my first contracted murder


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i really want to carry a torch in a cave just like one time

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